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Delivery Methods

AIA Delivery Method Brief AREFORUM Government Project Delivery Methods: DBB – Design Bid Build – Owner has a separate contract with Architect (designer/agent) and Contractor (builder) – Traditional Bidding Method – Promotes most competitive bidding climate – Creates adversarial relationship … Continue reading

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NCARB My Examination Page

Looks like NCARB actually finished as promised and the blackout is over. No reason to not schedule your exams now. There is a fact sheet outlining how the blackout will affect your rolling clock and the exam taking procedure. And … Continue reading

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Contracts (cont’d)

A201 General Conditions 1 GENERAL PROVISIONS – Instruments of service: studies, models, sketches, drawings, specs, etc. – Contractor and subs can reproduce instruments of service solely for project 2 OWNER – Contractor can request evidence of owners financial ability to … Continue reading

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Design in a nutshell

These short videos are a great little intro to various design movements and their architects. Hopefully they will help provide visuals to associate with some of the major aspects of architectural history.

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Introduction and overview of the _AIA Docs_ describing the contractual arrangements between each of the various parties (architects, owners, contractors and consultants). B101 -arch & owner -architect’s responsibility (standard of care, representative, liability, etc.) -basic services (schedule, governing authorities, SD, … Continue reading

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Associate Director Report 8/6/2013

AIA ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR REPORT: August 6, 2013 1. Schematic Design completed: ‐ 2 attendees took their tests before the blackout and passed their exams ‐ A couple of other regular attendees would like to take this exam after the blackout … Continue reading

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