Codes, Standards, Acts, etc.


20130902-195301.jpg – Model Code for construction & design
– Other similar model codes UBC (seismic), BOCA (snow), SBC (wind)
– Occupancy Types
– Construction Types
– Means of Egress
20130902-195633.jpg – Model Code to minimize possibility & effects of fire during operation
101: Life Safety Code
– Various standards
– Fire Classes
– Fire Extinguisher Classes
20130902-195853.jpg – Develop standard specifications, testing methods, practice, guide, classification and terminology
– consumer confidence
– voluntary but can be enforced contractually
– develops and establishes principles which meets certain requirements,procedures and regulations
20130902-211105.jpg – Oversees standard makers
– Standard for production, service, procedure, system & organization
– Ensure consistent character & performance through openness, balance, consensus, and due process
– accrediting programs that assess conformance to standards
20130902-210716.jpg – Wind Speed
– Structural
– Civil
20130902-211906.jpg – Ramp
– Stair
– Elevator
– Path of Travel
– Restroom
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